Berry Pomeroy Castle

berry pomeroy castleOnce a stronghold of the powerful de Pomeroy family who came over during the Norman Conquest, today this once mighty castle is no more than a ruin. The crumbling remains are perched high on a crag, hidden by dense woodland.

The Castle was constructed towards the end of the 13th century by Henry de Pomeroy.

His predecessor Ralf de Pomeroy been given the land as a reward for his loyalty during the Norman invasion and at the Battle of Hastings.

Berry Pomeroy Castle was still in the hands of the Pomeroy family until the late 1540s when it fell under the control of Sir Edward Seymour who was the Lord protector and the brother of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. It was Edward who commissioned the building of a manor house within the Norman castle and thus created the mixed architectural styles which can be seen today. Edward unfortunately made many enemies and was eventually executed in the Tower of London in 1552 AD. After this time, the castle remained in the hands of the Seymour family until 1688 when it was eventually abandoned.

Inside the crumbling walls of this great castle, several ghosts are said to wander. A Blue Lady apparently haunts the 16th century manor house. It is said she became pregnant by her own father and when the baby was born, smothered it leaving her forever doomed to to wander the ruins in painful regret.

However, beneath the 15th century Margaret's tower, reached by a winding stone staircase leading to a dark dungeon, there is a dreadful feeling of foreboding to be found. It is said that here, the evil Eleanor de Pomeroy in a cruel act of spite, imprisoned and starved her sister Margaret to death because they both fell in love with the same man.

Margaret's misty form has been said to appear in the depths of the tower and many have said that they have felt her presence in the stairway leading to her former prison cell.