Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haunted Castles - The White Lady Of Denbigh Castle

Here is our third "White Lady' ghost story.

Denbigh Castle in Wales was built in the late 13th/early 14th century by Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln in England to whom King Edward I had granted the territory after the last native Welsh prince had been defeated in 1282 AD. Having 700 years of history, the castle has doubtless seen its fair share of strange events! The ghost story of "The White Lady" at Denbigh Castle is one that many people swear to have witnessed in person with many reported sightings of a 'White Lady' around the castle, usually gliding around the footpaths near the Goblin Tower and surrounded by a glowing white mist. In recent years (1999 AD) 3 youths hit the local headlines when they reported being terrified at the sight of the 'White Lady' standing beneath the Goblin Tower of the castle from where they said she "glided" down the hill toward them.

There is a great video clip from a BBC TV programme where paranormal investigator Mike McManus recounts a vigil at the haunted ruins of Denbigh Castle. Spooky stuff!

For more detail on this fascinating Welsh castle go to our dedicated Denbigh Castle page.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Haunted Castles - The White Lady Of Glamis Castle

Here is our second 'White Lady' ghost story.

Glamis Castle in Scotland is reputed to be haunted by more than one lady in fact but we will just look at "The White Lady" in this post. There has been much discussion about who she might have been in real life but the general concensus seems to point to the possibility of it being the ghost of Janet Douglas, wife to the 6th Lord Glamis back in the 16th century. After his death she became wife to Archibald Campbell then later imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle and finally burnt at the stake on Castle Hill on a charge of witchcraft. For more detail on this and other hauntings at the castle go to our dedicated Glamis Castle page.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Medieval Castle Ghosts - The White Lady Of Tamworth Castle

One of the most common 'apparitions' in ghost stories is that of the 'white lady'. There are many legends that tell of some tragic story and the end result is that of a haunting by a white lady.

In the next few posts we will share some of the white lady stories that we have come across in our research on medieval history and medieval castles.

Here is the first ....

  • Tamworth Castle in England - There have been many reports of "ghostly happenings" in Tamworth Castle but one of the most famous is that of the White Lady. According to local folklore, a young woman was captured and locked in the castle tower by Sir Tarquin. Over time she fell in love with him and after he was killed by Sir Lancelot du Lac she mourned her lover so much that she threw herself from the battlements. It is believed her ghost walks the castle battlements weeping and people have reported not only seeing the apparition but also hearing her mournful cries.

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