Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Castle Wedding With An Owl But No Pussycat!

Medieval castles are often used as wedding venues for couples to get married in - they offer history and romance like no other venue can. It's a subject we've covered before with features on the likes of Eastnor Castle, one of the most romantic wedding venues in England. Although not medieval by age, its architecture is 'mock medieval' having been designed by the great architect Robert Smirke.

Well, how's this for a touch of real castle romance ... a video of a couple who got married at Eastnor Castle on New Year's Eve 2009. Watch out for the trained owl who flies down the church aisle to give them their wedding rings. How romantic is that?!

Read about their romantic wedding and enjoy the video.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eastnor Castle - Romantic Wedding Venue

A characterful medieval castle can provide a wonderfully historic, atmospheric and romantic setting for a wedding.

Whether the castle is a genuine medieval castle or indeed a 'mock' medieval castle (built post-medieval times but in the medieval style) makes no difference. It's all about the setting and many couples looking for a romantic wedding venue realise this. That's why Eastnor Castle has built a wonderful reputation as a wedding venue.

Eastnor Castle enjoys a glorious romantic setting with its own lake and both the castle exteriors and interiors take your breath away. It's not surprising therefore to learn that Eastnor Castle was selected as the wedding venue for a recent UK TV show called Battle of The Brides where the winners got to have their 'dream wedding' provided at a venue (and expense) that they otherwise could not have afforded. Read more about how this idyllic wedding venue was used in the programme.

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