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Castle Introduction
Crenellated in 1335 during the reign of King Edward III of England, Naworth Castle was owned and lived in by the powerful, Norman, Dacre family for more than 200 years. Whilst not a large castle by comparison to many others in England, Naworth Castle and its owners have nevertheless has enjoyed a colourful history. In 1513 its owner Thomas Dacre played a significant role at the battle of Flodden and enjoyed a favoured, political relationship with King Henry VIII of England. Conversely, a subsequent owner, Thomas Howard became embroiled in a plot to marry Mary Queen of Scots and was executed in 1572 and during the English Civil War, Charles Howard became Oliver Cromwell's ADC as well as one of his Colonels in the North of England. Many famous people from political, royal and artistic circles have visited or stayed at Naworth Castle over the centuries including Mary Queen of Scots, Lord Tennyson, William Morris and Walt Disney to name a few. The castle is reputed to be haunted.

Castle Architectural Features
After crenalation in 1335, the castle was extended by Thomas Lord Dacre during the reign of King Henry VIII of England, principally with the construction of the whole of the south and east wings. This included Great Hall (100ft) and as separate large corner Tower, today called Lord William’s Tower. Following a terrible fire in 1844, the illustrious Victorian architect Anthony Salvin was commissioned to rebuild the Great Hall and later pre-Raphaelite architect Philip Webb restored parts of the castle interiors including the library, drawing room and chapel.

Castle Built: 1335
Castle Period: 14th century
Nearest Main Town: Brampton, Cumbria
Naworth Castle Castle Features

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