Castles For Sale

Being 'King' of one's own castle means something to most people and usually we are talking about our own modest homes. For some people, however, it is far more tangible because they actually live in a castle! The reality of living in a castle is not always as one might imagine though for the upkeep and maintenance costs can be considerable. Therefore owning and living in a castle is generally restricted to the wealthy. But what does a castle owner do if a financial crisis occurs - for example if substantial, unexpected repairs become necessary?

Well, some are able to apply for and receive grants and financial aid from key organisations involved in the preservation of ancient buildings and monuments. The castle owner may in return be obliged to allow more public visitors to the castle and its grounds but this is generally deemed a good thing as more visitors can bring increased revenue for the castle.

However, there are sometimes situations when a castle owner decides to offer his castle for sale. It might be a matter of having to pay death duties on an inherited estate of which the castle is part or it might be that the castle owners are moving to live in another country. There can be lots of reasons.

So what if you are actually looking for castles for sale and don't know where to start? Well, here are some suggestions: