Medieval Battles Key Dates
13th Century Medieval Britain & Europe

A timeline study we have made of battles, sieges and significant political events in 13th century Britain starting with the reign of Richard I

1199 AD Richard I dies and Prince John is appointed King
1203 AD-1204 AD Siege of Chateau Gaillard by Philip II of France
1204 AD Loss of Normandy to the French
1214 AD Battle of Bouvines
1215 AD Magna Carta and the siege of Rochester Castle  
1216 AD King John dies, Henry III in his minority and Prince Louis lays siege to Dover Castle 
1217 AD Battle of Lincoln
1224 AD Bedford Castle under siege 
1227 AD Henry III passes from his minority and becomes King
1258 AD The Barons Parliament
1259 AD Peace with France
1264 AD Battle of Lewes
1265 AD Battle of Evesham and the death of Simon de Montfort.
1266 AD Kenilworth Castle is under siege
1272 AD Henry III dies and Edward I ascends to the throne
1277 AD First of the Welsh wars begins
1282 AD Second Welsh war
1296 AD First war with Scotland
1297 AD Edward I campaigns in Flanders and signs a truce with Philip IV of France
1297 AD Battle of Stirling Bridge  
1298 AD Second campaign in Scotland and the battle of Falkirk
1300 AD Third Scottish campaign and siege of Caerlaverock castle
1301 AD Fourth Scottish campaign.
1303 AD-1304 AD Fifth Scottish campaign
1305 AD William Wallace is executed
1307 AD Edward I dies at Burgh –by –Sands in Cumbria. He is succeeded by Edward II

The timeline of medieval kings and queens in England is also useful to read in conjunction with this