Medieval Battles - Battle Of Evesham 1265 AD

Battle Date
4 August 1265

Battle Site
Evesham, Worcestershire, England

Battle Combatants
English - Royalists vs Rebels
Royalists around 10,000 men, rebels around 5,000 men.

Battle Leaders
For the Royalists: Prince Edward (later became King Edward I) and Gilbert de Clare.
For the Rebels: Simon and Peter de Montfort.

Reason For Battle
Culmination of the second Barons war.

Battle Timeframe
1 day (started around 8 to 9 am in the morning)

Battle Key Points
De Montfort had been seeking to combine his forces with his those of his son. However, his son moved too slowly and eventually made Kenilworth Castle but did not join with his father. Prince Edward managed to trap the rebels in a loop of the Avon and when he blocked the only bridge De Montfort was forced to battle without the full army he could have commanded.

De Montfort attacked first with a thrust to the centre of the Royalist army. However, his Welsh allies proved unreliable and soon he was encircled and the massacre commenced. It was unusual for medieval warfare but no hostages were taken and most of the rebels were killed. De Montfort was killed and his body mutilated.

Extra Notes
This defeat all but ended the Second Barons War but resistance still continued especially in the siege of Kenilworth Castle.

The timeline of medieval battles in the 13th century is useful to read in conjunction with this.