Medieval Castles Construction Timeline

Covering the period 1066 AD-1400 AD

11th Century Castle Construction

pevensey castle by Neil Alderney
1066 AD
Pevensey Castle - see photo by Neil Alderney
Hastings Castle
Dover Castle
Canterbury Castle

1067 AD
Winchester Castle
Wallingford Castle
Norwich Castle
Launceston Castle

All the above were motte & bailey construction
windsor castle by M Harrsch
1068 AD
Nottingham Castle
Warwick Castle
Arundel Castle
Huntingdon Castle (motte & bailey)

1070 AD
Chester Castle
Windsor Castle - see photo by M Harrsch
Ely Castle (motte & bailey)

1071 AD
Richmond Castle
Dudley Castle

1078 AD
Tower of London, the White Tower, Central Keep

1086 AD
Skipsea Castle (motte & bailey)

1087 AD
tynemouth priory and castleLewes Castle

1088 AD

1090 AD
Skipton Castle
Caernarvon Castle (wooden motte & bailey)
Portchester Castle
Brough Castle
Tynemouth Priory & Castle (priory constructed circa 1090) - see our photo

1092 AD
Appleby Castle

1093 AD
Pembroke Castle
alnwick castle constructed 1096Cardigan Castle
Carlisle Castle (motte & bailey)

1095 AD
Barnard Castle

1096 AD
Alnwick Castle- see our photo

12th Century Castle Construction

1100 AD
Colchester Castle
Carew Castle
Stafford Castle
Fotheringhay Castle

1106 AD
Kidwelly Castle

1110 AD
Aberwystwyth Castle

kenilworth castle by John Muk1112 AD
Gloucester Castle

1117 AD
Berkeley Castle

1119 AD
Leeds Castle (Kent)

1120 AD
Sherborne Castle
Kenilworth Castle - see photo by John Muk

carlisle castle stone work from 11221122 AD
Carlisle Castle (stone construction)- see our photo

1127 AD
Rochester Castle

1129 AD
Greystoke Castle

1130 AD
Egremont Castle

scarborough castle keep constructed 1130s1130's - no identifiable year
Scarborough Castle - see our photo

1134 AD
Cockermouth Castle

1135 AD
Banbury Castle

1136 AD
Bowes Castle

1139 AD
warkworth castle constructed mid 12th centuryLuton Castle (wooden motte & bailey)

1144 AD
Faringdon Castle

1145 AD
Brightwell Castle

Mid 12th Century - no identifable year
Warkworth Castle (motte & bailey) - see our photo

1155 AD
Bolsover Castle

1158 AD
Caldicot Castle

1170 AD
Appleby Castle

1184 AD
Manchester Castle

brougham castle constructed in early 13th century13th Century Castle Construction

Early 13th Century - no identifiable year
Brougham Castle - see our photo

1230 AD
Criccieth Castle

1232 AD
Liverpool Castle

1233 AD
Tintagel Castle

1264 AD
Warwick Castle (Great Hall)

1277 AD
Rhuddlan Castle

1283 AD
Caernarvon Castle (stone work)
Harlech Castle

1dunstanburgh castle295 AD
Beaumaris Castle

1296 AD
Tynemouth Priory & Castle
(stone wall fortifications begun by Edward I)

1307 AD
Dacre Castle

1313 AD
Dunstanburgh Castle- see our photo

1335 AD
Naworth Castle- see our photo

naworth castle constructed 13351360 AD
Raby Castle

1370 AD
Threave Castle

1386 AD
Donnington Castle

1388 AD
Dartmouth Castle

1389 AD
Lumley Castle

1399 AD
Penrith Castle