Castle Wedding Venues

Medieval Castles For Hire As Wedding Venues
eastnor castle premier wedding venue Many medieval castles enjoy a romantic setting. Indeed, most castles have their own extensive private grounds, some have beautiful gardens and a few even have their own lake. Some medieval castles are ideal for weddings because they are close to a major transport network such as motorways or airports. This is an important factor for castles wishing to become popular wedding venues as wedding guests often have to travel from far and wide, even from overseas so the wedding venue needs to be easily reachable.

Choosing A Castle For Your Wedding Venue
Q: How do you choose a castle for your wedding?
A: Start by deciding which are the most important factors - you need to consider location, size of venue and what time of year you are thinking of getting married (some castles are not open all year round!). Then there are issues of accessibility and accommodation for wedding guests and last but not least the cost. When considering the location do you want to be near a major city or somewhere remote out in the wilds of the countryside? Do you want a castle with a certain type of historical background? Only when you begin to look into these factors will you know what to go looking for once you begin your search.

Where To Start Your Wedding Venue Search
Well, the first route taken by many people today is to do an Internet search. See which castles come up, have a good look at their websites and make notes. You may want to bookmark the castles with the best websites so that you can revisit later and show friends and family. The next step is to make a short list then contact each castle and check availability of dates and request a brochure. Most castles that offer themselves as wedding venues have beautifully printed brochures to send out with lists of options and prices for all the different things you might want to incorporate at your castle wedding. In addition to doing an Internet search, you might be able to get a recommondation from a friend or relative who has been to a castle wedding before.

There are many castles for hire as wedding venues. In Britain, especially, there is great demand for castles weddings so the competition is equally strong amongst the castles themselves. Castles in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all compete for business as wedding venues.