The Taking of Brasov

In 1459 AD, Vlad Dracula began a campaign of terror which would write his name forever in the annals of infamous history! Vlad organised his troops at Bran Castle and marched into Transylvania where the foreign Saxon merchants were plotting his downfall in the city of Brasov (pictured left).

At that time this was Transylvania's richest and also its most well defended town with walls up to 14 feet thick and bastians spaced out along its length some of which still survive today.

The Saxons clearly believed that they were safe behind these impressive fortifications but they had reckoned without Vlad's cunning. Because Vlad had grown up in a Saxon town, he understood their defences and knew that a full frontal assault would be ineffective.
Accordingly he attacked at night catching the city of guard. He first ransacked the surrounding suburbs of the enclosed city and anyone he caught or took prisoner was swiftly impaled on the surrounding hills! This attack led to what is probably one of the most striking images of the life of Vlad Dracula - that of the 'forest of the impaled'. This picture (right) depicts Vlad eating his dinner amongst the impaled bodies and some believe that this is where the vampire legend connection originated.