Medieval Castles in France

All throughout France there are hundreds if not thousands of wonderful medieval castles. These range from enormous ones to cosy little castles and from early to late medieval period in their construction. They can generally be found in all areas of France. We will be adding many french medieval castles to this section over the next years but for the moment, here are some of the most fascinating ones that we've found and visited so far:

Le Chateau de Chinon - Chinon - Loire Valley


Le Château d'Angers - Maine et Loire - Loire Valley


Le Château de Fougères - Brittany


Le Château de Gisors - Normandy


Le Château de Sigournais - Vendée


Le Château de Tiffauges - Vendée


Le Château de Talmont - Vendée


Le Château de St Mesmin - Vendée