Hever Castle

Hever Castle was first constructed near Edenbridge in Kent in the year 1270 AD although at that time it comprised only of the gatehouse and walled bailey.  The Bullen (Boleyn) family purchased the castle in the early part of the 16th century adding a Tudor dwelling within the walls.  Thus the castle became the childhood home of a Lady who was to become celebrated as the second wife of Henry VIII - the Lady Anne Boleyn.  In fact it is generally accepted that it was at Hever Castle that Anne first made a big impression upon King Henry VIII.  In the castle today, there are still two rare books of 'Hours' (personalised prayer books) which were signed by Anne Boleyn herself.  Later the property passed into the possession of Anne of Cleves. From the Tudor era onwards, the castle was in due course owned by many different families including the Waldegrave's, the Humphreys and the Meade Waldos.  The last private owner of this fine mediaeval castle was William Waldorf Astor who spared no effort in restoring the castle to its former glories and building the Tudor Village as well as creating gardens and a lake.

As the reader might have guessed, Hever Castle is not surprisingly said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn who was so cruelly executed upon the orders of her husband King Henry VIII.  There have apparently been many sightings of her restless spirit around the castle, the gardens and also gliding across the wooden bridge.