Pevensey Castle

pevensey castle, sussexPevensey Castle is the castle at which William the Conqueror made preparations before moving down the coast to the Battle of Hastings.  When William landed at Pevensey Bay in September 1066 AD, there were no defences at Pevensey or anywhere else on the south coast so by necessity, the invading Normans created a temporary fortification within the Roman walls which had originally been built by the Romans towards the end of the 3rd century AD.

The castle saw many battles during the Middle Ages and at one time later it was ordered by Elizabeth I that it should be destroyed but this never happened. There have been many reports of the sound of ghostly armies fighting beneath the castle walls although they have rarely been seen.

A pale Lady is also said to haunt the castle and she is said to be Lady Joan Pelham who lived there around the end of the 14th century.  Apparently her husband Sir John Pelham was away fighting in support of Bolingbroke's claim to the throne.  Accordingly his poor wife was unprotected by him when eventually the castle was overrun by the forces of Richard II and her ghost is now said to walk the outer walls searching in vain for her husband to protect her.