Tintagel Castle

tintagel castle

Tintagel Castle is set on a dramatic headland. It is connected to the mainland by a slim finger of land and as such it is almost an island. In the year 1233 AD, Richard the Earl of Cornwall acquired Tintagel and built the castle on the headland in the year 1236 AD.

Richard probably wanted to associate himself with the popular Arthurian legend as the location was a difficult place to build a castle and the area probably had no strategic value.

Today, not much now remains of this once mighty fortress that traditionally is held to have been the birthplace of England's most famous King: Arthur son of Uther Pendragon. The pounding of the ocean beneath for so many years gradually broke the mass of grey stone apart and by the 15th century the castle was already in ruins.

Every year more and more of the castle falls down into the turbulent waters. In the bay below the castle is a dark dank cave said to be the haunting place of the ghost of Merlin and any people brave enough to venture inside this eerie place will not stay for long on account of its truly chilling atmosphere.