Wilton Castle - County Wexford - Southern Ireland

The Alcock family lived at Wilton Castle from 1695 AD until just before the castle was destroyed by a tragic fire in 1923.  It seems quite likely that it was probably destroyed by fanatics from the IRA whilst the owners were staying in England. 

There is a story told that a certain Harry Allcock died in 1840 AD and on the anniversary of his death, a ghostly carriage would come down the castle driveway and his ghost has apparantly been seen on the roads surrounding the castle. 

One man even claimed to have spoken with the ghost!

Strange lights are said to be seen in one of the castle towers where an old former actress had tragically burnt to death. The strangest occurrence of all must however be the story of the year when Captain Archibald Jacob lived nearby.  He was apparently a magistrate in Enniscorthy at the time of the 1798 rebellion and was something of a tyrant who had flogged and tortured many people in the parish. Obviously he was not a popular man!  Legend has it that in 1836 AD Captain Jacob fell from his horse at the Black Stream between Wilton Castle and Clough mills and he was killed. 

Ever since his death, his ghost has been said to haunt both this place and Wilton Castle