Abergeldie Castle, Scotland

abrergeldie castle, scotlandAbergeldie Castle stands only 2 miles from the Royal family's country home at Balmoral and dates from the 16th century. 

The castle has had many well-known guests over the years and these have even included royalty.  Sadly, there has also been an uninvited guest who has made herself known to the occupants over the centuries. 

She is known as Kittie Rankie or sometimes French Kate.  Apparently she was a woman of French origin who was at one time employed in the castle. 

It is said that this unfortunate lady was accused of practising black magic and arrested soon after to be charged with witchcraft. 

After confinement in the castle she was eventually found guilty and thereafter taken to a local hill where she was tied to a stake and burnt for her supposed crimes.  Evidently this poor soul returned to haunt the castle after her death.