Ballindalloch Castle

ballindalloch castle, scotlandBallindalloch Castle in Banffshire is a castle which is certainly very widely known for its ghostly occurrences. 

This imposing castle dates back to the 16th century from which time it has been home continuously to the same family: the Grants and McPherson-Grants.

As Ballindalloch Castle is open for a few months of the year to the public, it is not only the family members who claim to have seen ghosts but also members of the public.  Several of these visitors to the castle claim to have seen a beautiful lady dressed in a crinoline outfit in one of the bedrooms of the castle known as The Pink Tower.  People who have seen this ghostly lady say that she is a benign presence who gives the impression that she means no harm. Another ghostly apparition is  said to haunt the dining room and although nobody knows who exactly she is, she has been seen more than once and is known as the Green Lady.

But there are not only ghostly ladies in this old castle.  There is said to be a certain General James Grant who also haunts within.  Apparently he is one of the family members who died in 1806 and is buried close to the castle estate.  He is said to be seen in the vicinity of the castle riding on a magnificent white horse quite frequently almost as if he is keeping a close watch on his former home and estate.

There is also a very sad story associated with a fourth lady ghost at Ballindalloch.  It is said that she was a family member who was cruelly rejected after she fell passionately in love.  She apparently was unable to accept the situation and continued to write letters pleading for attention.  It is said that a ghostly vision of a young woman is often seen crossing the old Bridge of Avon on the way to post another letter to her beloved.