Braemar Castle, Scotland

braemar castle, scotlandThe Farquharson family have been the owners of Braemar Castle since not long after it was built in the first half of the 17th century and it is still used as a residence by this family today. 

The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young bride who lost her life in extremely tragic circumstances due to a complete misunderstanding. 

It is said that what happened over 200 years ago was as follows: a young couple arrived at the castle to spent their wedding night full of the natural apprehensions at spending their first night together in bed.  Apparently the bride woke early morning after her wedding night only to find that she was alone in bed and there was no sight of her husband even though she searched the apartments surrounding the bedroom. Becoming extremely distressed and feeling that perhaps she had been a real disappointment to her husband she was overcome by feelings of shame and flung herself to her death from the window of the bridal room.  When her husband returned but couldn't find her he was told the terrible news that his bride was dead.  It turned out that the poor girl had been totally mistaken in that her husband had simply gone out early on a hunting trip leaving her to sleep in .Sadly of course no one had thought to tell her this.

Accordingly the ghost of this poor young bride is said to haunt the castle on occasions when newlyweds come to stay there.