Brodie Castle, Scotland

brodie castle, scotlandBrodie Castle is to be found in Morayshire and is currently in the care of the Scottish National Trust having been the seat of the Brodie family for many hundreds of years. 

It appears that certain occupants of the castle had inexplicable experiences towards the end of the 19th century.  It was on a certain night in September whilst the Earl of Brodie was abroad in Switzerland, that a butler in the castle reported hearing noises coming from the Earl's study as if someone was in there. 

Others could also hear the noises which sounded like the rustling of papers and also moaning sounds.  The Earl had locked his study before leaving for Switzerland and had given instructions that no one else was to go into his study during his absence so all of this was a little peculiar to say the least.  Wanting to investigate, the servants searched the castle for a key to the Earl's study but could not find one.

The following day the shocking news arrived at the castle  that the Earl of Brodie had died in Switzerland the previous night and of course all concerned assumed that the noises and moans they had heard must have belonged to the deceased Earl who had perhaps returned to his study after his demise perhaps to put some papers in order or to deal with unfinished business.