Cawdor Castle, Scotland

cawdor castle, scotlandCawdor Castle was built in 1370 AD and from around the beginning of the 16th century it was the seat of the Campbell family.  This famous castle standing only a few miles from Nairn, is supposed to be haunted by a ghostly lady with no hands!

According to the story handed down, it was during the first half of the 19th century, not long after the title Earl of Cawdor had been bestowed upon the head of the family, that the newly created Earl's daughter fell passionately in love with a young man.

The man was from a rival family and of course her father disapproved  extremely strongly of this. 


It is said that the Earl came across the couple at their secret meeting place and was so enraged by what he saw as his daughter's  treacherous behaviour, that he cut her hands off with his sword to make sure that she could never again embrace her lover!