Craigievar Castle, Scotland

Haunted Scottish castleAn excellent example of the original Scottish Baronial architecture, this great seven-storey castle was completed in 1626 by the Aberdonian merchant William Forbes, ancestor to the "Forbes-Sempill family" and brother of the Bishop of Aberdeen.


Now belonging to the Scottish National trust, Craigievar Castle stands near Alford in Aberdeenshire.  Many have attested to ghostly goings-on within this old castle.

A member of the Gordon clan is said to have fallen from the blue room in the tower after having been forced to his death at sword point by Sir John Forbes - known as 'Red Sir John Forbes'.  It is said that his footsteps can be heard ascending the tower to the blue room as if reliving his fate. 

Another ghost is said to haunt Craigievar is said to be that of a musician - a fiddler who sadly fell into the castle well and drowned although he apparently has only appeared to those bearing the name of Forbes.