Crathes Castle, Scotland

Haunted Scottish CastleA few miles from the small town of Banchory  in the north-east of Scotland can be found Crathes castle which for centuries was the home of the Burnett family until becoming a Scottish National trust property. 

Although originally built around the middle of the 16th century, the castle was added to during the ensuing centuries.  The oldest part of the castle is the double tower and therein is a room referred to as the Green Ladies Room owing to the fact that a ghostly Green Lady has frequently been seen there.  No one is quite sure who the Green Lady was although it is believed that she was a family member. Her appearances have been both alone but also carrying a baby. 


The fact that such a lady probably did exist in reality was borne out to some degree when during restorations to the castle, two skeletons were found, one female and one of a baby.  In former times of course, women becoming pregnant out of wedlock could prove extremely embarrassing especially if a powerful man was implicated. It is not inconceivable that someone might have made the decision to dispose both of the mother and the baby to avoid such an embarrassment to the family.

At any rate, although these two sets of remains were discovered, the Green Lady apparently still haunts the tower to this day.