Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland

drumlanrig castle, scotlandDrumlanrig Castle was built in the 17th century for the first Duke of Queensbury: William Douglas. 

The latter did not spend very much time at the splendid, Dumfriesshire castle, but it was used by his family for more than a hundred years.  After that, it fell into the hands of the Dukes of Buccleuch.

There are two or three famous, or should one say infamous ghosts which are supposed to haunt Drumlanrig Castle.  The first is that of a headless lady, who carries her head in one hand and an ornate fan in the other.  Although it is now generally thought that the ghost is that of Lady Anne Douglas, no one has a clue as to how she came to be decapitated.  The second ghost said to haunt Drumlanrig is not human, but is that of a yellow monkey!  The room, in which it is said to appear is known as the Yellow Monkey Room or Haunted Room.  It is not known, where this creature could have originated, but over the years there have been several reported sightings.

Thirdly, there is a corridor in the castle which is known as 'The Bloody Passage' in which it is believed that someone was murdered and which apparently still shows evidence of the blood on the floor which could not be washed away!