Ethie Castle, Scotland

Ethie Castle stands, not far from the town of Arbroath and dates from the 15th century.  A certain Cardinal Beaton, who was the Abbot of Arbroath commissioned the castle to be built and he lived there with his mistress, Marion Ogilvy for several years.

Cardinal Beaton was a very powerful advocate of the catholic faith and apparently made a point of prosecuting Protestants at every opportunity and this made him a much hated man especially amongst the Protestants and in some ways inevitably he was murdered by Protestant nobles in the castle on the 29th of May 1546 AD.

Ever since his violent death there, Cardinal Beaton's ghost is said to haunt Ethie Castle especially around the area of his bedchamber.

A second reported ghost at Ethie Castle was that of a young child which could be heard crying on occasions deep into the night.  People  also reported hearing the sound of a toy being pulled on wheels along the floor in another room of the castle.  Eventually, excavations were carried out to try and solve this particular mystery and a small skeleton was discovered alongside the remains of a toy wooden cart. 

After the skeleton was removed from the castle and given a Christian burial, the sound of the child was no longer heard.