Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

fyvie castle, scotlandFyvie is one of Scotland’s most magnificent castles. Its walls are crowned by five majestic towers, each, according to legend, a monument to the five families - Preston, Meldrum, Seton, Gordon and Leith - who, over the years, helped create this great stronghold.

Fyvie is now run by the Scottish National Trust but it retains the atmosphere of a family home. Now to the ghosts!

One of the ghosts of Fyvie Castle is a mysterious Grey Lady and although it is now believed that this particular spirit is at peace, she first made an appearance around 1920.  The story goes that around that time, a strange mass of fungus appeared on a wall in the castle's gun room and the owner of the castle: Lord Leith hired in builders to try and deal with the problem but when they removed part of the wall they discovered a skeleton which of course was removed from the area.  However, immediately after this, the sightings of the Grey Lady began. Eventually, needing to put a stop to the ghostly appearances of the Green Lady, the Laird directed that the skeleton be put back behind the wall which the builders then rebuilt.

Strangely enough this did appear to have the desired effect as the ghostly appearances of the Grey Lady ceased and she was not seen again after that time at Fyvie Castle.

Another ghost said to haunt Fyvie, is the  "Green Lady",  said to be Dame Lillias Drummond, cruelly starved to death by her husband, Sir Alexander Seton, who callously then quickly remarried. The ghost is said to have scratched her name on the window sill of the bedroom whilst occupied by the newlyweds - and the name can to this day still be seen there!