Meggernie Castle, Perthshire, Scotland

Haunted Scottish Castle
The ghost which is supposed to haunt Meggernie Castle appears to be more than a little flirtatious!

Male occupants of the haunted room which is the room in which this particular ghost apparently appears have attested to being awoken from their sleep by the feeling of being kissed on the cheek!  Those who have experienced this have also said that they either saw her top or her bottom half but never both together.

The story goes that the ghost was the wife of a Menzies clan chief who was insanely jealous of her because she was attractive and often the subject of the attentions of other men.  He is supposed to have killed her in a jealous rage and cut her body in half in order to get rid of the evidence. Apparently he buried his wife's top half in the tower and her bottom half in the churchyard then went overseas claiming on his return that his wife had been with him but had died whilst they had been away.

Rumour has it that the ghostly lower half of the unfortunate lady haunts the castles lower floors whilst her top half mostly is seen upstairs where she teases guests while they are asleep with her tender but ghostly kisses!