Muchalls Castle, Scotland

muchalls castle, scotlandThe ghost of Muchalls Castle has one thing in common with many other haunted castles in Scotland.  The ghost which is said to haunt it is that of the Green Lady!

The Green Lady's story is heavily intertwined with the trade of smuggling.  Muchalls Castle by Stonehaven had a tunnel which was of great use to smugglers for it lead deep underground from the castle to the shore.

It could also be used as a storing place for wine and spirits in order to avoid paying excise. This was a highly popular pastime centuries ago! At high tide the cave at the end of the tunnel was always flooded and it was there that the Green Lady met her untimely end.  She had apparently gone down the tunnel for a secret liaison with her lover who was due to meet her, arriving in a boat but somehow she accidentally fell into the sea and drowned. 

One of the rooms in the castle is said to be haunted by this particular Green Lady.