Pencaet Castle, Aberdeen, Scotland

Pencaet Castle has over the centuries been owned by different families but from around the mid-17th century until the early 20th century it was in the possession of the Lauders.  This is a Castle with more than one ghost but it is on the most well-known one that we will focus here...

It is that of a wandering beggar named Alexander Hamilton and who was also reputed to be a practitioner of the black arts.  The story goes that he was refused meagre food and shelter and turned away from the castle and this incensed Hamilton enough to make him curse the castle and all in it!  Apparently not long after, the Lady of the castle and her eldest daughter both died mysteriously of a fever. Castle guards who had evidently overheard his curse captured Hamilton and killed him.

Not surprisingly the restless unhappy spectre of Alexander Hamilton is still said to wander around the castle grounds apparently still looking for shelter and a morsel of food!