Stirling Castle, Scotland

stirling castle, scotlandOf all the castles in Scotland, the magnificent fortress of Stirling Castle is probably the most important in terms of its strategic position.  Accordingly it has been fought over and has changed hands more than any other Scottish castle.  As it is situated at the landward end of the Firth of Forth, it can effectively control movement between the Lowlands and the Highlands. 

In olden times it was generally believed that whoever controlled Stirling Castle would in effect control Scotland!

Today, Stirling Castle is the property of the Scottish National trust and to all accounts it is haunted by various ghosts.  One of these ghosts is known as the 'Pink Lady' who generally appears in the form of a beautiful woman dressed in a pink silk gown.  It is generally thought that she is the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots. Mary made frequent visits to Stirling Castle, where she also sent her son James to be brought up.

Another reported ghost is that of a 'Green Lady' who may have been a Lady in waiting to Mary Queen of Scots.  She is thought to have saved Mary when the Ladys bedclothes caught fire.

In the early 19th century, a guard was found dead in the Governor's Block and it is not known what happened to him but apparently he was found with a look of terror in his face and during recent times, soldiers based in the castle have reported hearing footsteps in the Governor's Block.